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ALWATANIA For Import and Export is considered as a leading provider for animal Feedstuff and Feed additives, and Veterinary care services in the Middle East, delivered through our Marketinles Network. AlWatania is also a leading provider of Veterinary practice marketing solutions. In addition, AlWatania is proud of its excellent reputation in the Livestock healthcare gained over years through its hard work. We have established a reliable Suppliers’ Network for veterinarians in the Arab world and employs and largest group of professional marketing and sales candidates.

Our Objective

is to serve as a guide in veterinary care services in Egypt.

We Enjoy a well Reputable Rank in the Livestock Industry in Egypt and beyond in middle east.

We have an excellent suppliers' network in order to provide the best quality standard and value for money inputs for our main clients i.e. veterinarians, farmers, animal feed manufacturer and distributors.

Throughout the years of experience and presence in the field AlWatania perceived as a reliable partner, distributing trustable products and service provider for livestock through our collaboration with a world-class supplier and their own R&D laboratories.

ALWATANIA has a wide range of

nutritional feed additives, feedstuffs, and vaccines that can be adapted to the specific needs of customers and livestock. We can provide our clients with high quality products, services, and technical support.

ALWATANIA provides

all assurance and confidence for international partners and company to work with. For example currently we serve 150 Integrated dairy and fattening farms in different needs during the production life cycle of the cattle

ALWATANIA is one of

the manufacturers of animal Feeds, and can provide the Dairy  animal health market with a wide range of feed products,

 In addition, ALWATANIA is one of the main importers of Feed ingredients such as corn, Soya bean meal, DDGS, Soya bypass protein.


Working professionally

 though our an enormous fleet of trucks capable of shipping 1000 Tons on daily basis.


Adopting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of UN, we are supporting different non-profitable organizations, not only in Egypt, but also in other African countries.

We are currently supporting different heart surgeries, and oncology treatment courses, in addition to participating in the fight against hunger, through funding different food programs, providing for the impoverished. Besides contributing in water wells digging in Africa, in areas suffering from desertification, and water shortage.

ALWATANIA Numbers & Facts

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